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"9 Lives" Encore in Atlanta... the unexpected Happy Ending, & why you're just now hearing from me!

After almost throwing in the towel on the June 4th show multiple times due to one setback after another, I realized that this show was sure to be even more impactful if I could just make it through to the end... and boy was it an unexpected HAPPY ENDING that was well worth the fight!

Normally I would have taken a few days to rest and recuperate after pouring out my heart and soul on the stage. After I've recovered, I always send a follow-up email to thank everyone involved in making it all possible and everyone who supported me. Well, here I am, a full month later, sending my follow-up email. Many of you are probably wondering where I've been all this time.

Well, before I fill you in, let me first say the most important thing... THANK YOU!!!! For everyone who attended, contributed, and supported in any way! Your encouragement throughout out the time preparing for this show really kept me going. The show was incredible, and the testimonies from the audience continued long after the final applause. And, in case you didn't know already... the UNEXPECTED HAPPY ENDING is that after the audience experienced my testimony through the eyes of the various characters I portray in “9 Lives”, they got to experience MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER… IN REAL LIFE when my now fiancé proposed at the closing of the show. It was truly magical and even more meaningful for those in attendance after witnessing just a few of my life's uncomfortable circumstances through film and stage. (This part wasn't in the original script, I promise.) It was a fairy tale moment I will never forget! Symbolic in so many ways and a reminder that if you hold on through your struggles, you will surely reap the rewards of perseverance. I am grateful that my life so far has inspired so many and together, with my soon-to-be husband and family, we hope to continue to encourage and inspire for as long as we live.

Unfortunately, before I even had a chance to recuperate, while still on cloud 9, I was knocked down abruptly by the news that my Grandfather was transitioning from this life. I quickly got on the road and rushed to Kentucky hoping to have a chance to see him one more time. Not long after getting on the highway, I got another call that I was too late. My Grandpa, the only man that's ever been consistent in my life, the reason I even have any pleasant childhood memories at all, had left this earthly realm. I barely had a moment to react before I did what I normally do--put on my “strong one” cape and took to the sky.

I spent a few weeks with my family dealing with funeral arrangements and the usual expected drama, my main concern being my Grandma's well being. I stayed by her side, concerned for the emptiness she must feel that was sure to get worse once she was inevitably left alone. I knew that at some point I'd have to return to my own reality and life must go on for all of us. I guess the stress of it all broke my immune system down because on the drive back to Atlanta I got hit with chest pain, migraine, flu symptoms... I fought it for days at home until the pain in my skull was unbearable and my son dialed 911. They informed me that I test positive for Covid and I returned home to begin nursing myself back to health.

Naturally, I battled some depression during this whole journey through June, but I took the time to focus on my mental health which I knew would affect my physical as a result. I refrained from social media for the most part and spent a lot more time with God and reading, journaling, etc. Sometimes experiencing the trauma of death puts things into perspective and we’re reminded that our lives are fragile and delicate and there never seems to be enough time. When our time comes, there are a lot of things that we concern ourselves with daily that won't really matter in the end. We stress about things like money, and we can't take it with us when we’re gone. This month was definitely a reminder for me to focus more on making memories than money. Love, family, peace, and joy... this is where the real treasure lies.

As difficult as June was, I'm expecting GREAT THINGS out of July and the remainder of this year as I venture into the uncharted territory of South Carolina, willing and prepared to be led by God to whatever ministry He has for me there. Whatever comes next on this roller coaster called life, I’ll face it with a positive attitude knowing that everything works together for my good in the end. I can’t control what happens, but I can decide how I’ll respond to it. I choose to continue to lead by example as I share my unscripted life with you.

Again, I thank you for your continued support and for being a part of my life journey! Make sure you Subscribe to stay in the loop and be the 1st to know what's next for me and my family. Text 770-626-5075 to Subscribe by phone & feel free to share the encouragement with a friend!

Reach out to me if you're interested in becoming a Sponsor or contributing to the ministry!

CLICK HERE to watch the full video of my proposal & check out some photos from the show...


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