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Cousia Town's



Angel Terron's

A.I.M. (Angry Insecure Men)

Russell Tyson's


Vitelle Webb's

The Face of Homeless


T.Y. Martin's

They Rose Above It All


T.Y. Martin's

Lord Why Me?


T.Y. Martin's 

The Bridge of No Return


T.Y. Martin's

You’ve Abandoned Me


T.Y. Martin's

The Hem of His Garment


Mykel Coleman

Sweet Revenge of a Bitter Woman


James Brown II

Endangered Species


Natacha "Cha Cha" Martin

Cindy's Spirit


Berea College

Little Red Riding Hood


Berea College

Prof. Zuccini’s Traveling 

Cast photo shoot today for the stage production _They Rose Above It All_.  Today's should be much ea
Antwon & Tamika (played by T.Y
I don't know about ya'll but I'm getting HYPE about this upcoming production!!!  Ya'll better get th
This weekend was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!  What an amazing cast!!!  Everyone did a phenomenal job!!
Here's another memorable moment from my stage play _The Face of Homeless_! Like our page on FB & sta
#TBT From the stage play _Bridge of No Return_ directed by _tymartinstudios  #throwbackthursday #act
I really took one for the team in this show _They Rose Above It All_ directed by Ty Martin
The hit stage play _The Face of Homeless_ is coming back! Stay tuned for tour dates & details! #Atla
Directing my 1st stage production _FACEofHomeless!
From the stage production in Texas, _Cindy's Spirit_ directed by Natacha _Cha Cha_ Martin. Playing o
vitellefans for more ph
Here's a shot from my stage production _The Face of Homeless_, a play about my homeless journey & ot
Angry Insecure Men Stage Play Flyer
The Face of Homeless Stage Play Flyer
Sponsorship Opportunities for The Face of Homeless Stage Play
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