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Up & Coming Actress, Entrepreneur & Author Vitelle L. Alston Releases new Book “I Am: A Poetic Ensemble”

Built from her own excruciating circumstances that brought her to where she is today, author Vitelle L. Alston’s “I Am: A Poetic Ensemble” is a unique combination of poetry and self-help.

February 27, 2020

Life can be hard and cruel but sometimes these are the things that help create very exceptional people. This certainly appears to be the case with Vitelle L. Alston. Vitelle is a remarkable and inspiring figure, a rising actress, a spirited entrepreneur, and an extremely creative author. Her empowering writing style is on display in her recently released book “I Am: A Poetic Ensemble”, currently available at The book, based on her own life experiences, combines poetry, social insight, and self-help into a unique package that is sure to touch lives. The early enthusiasm surrounding the autobiographical book is high.

“It has meant so much to me to be able to open up on so many painful subjects and feel the weight come off my shoulders,” commented the passionate author. “I know this testimonial will help others find strength and inspiration who may be facing similar challenges, no matter what they may be. We can overcome so much once we learn how strong we truly are.”

Some of the topics “I Am: A Poetic Ensemble” touch on in both an honest, direct and sensitive way include: depression, suicide, abuse, narcissism, and human trafficking. All things which are clearly difficult to write about, but Vitelle does with a power that is quite stunning and revealing for those who aren’t aware of some of the hardships many women have to face.

The early feedback for the new book has been very positive across the board. It’s obvious Vitelle has a bright future ahead as an author, in addition to her other pursuits.

A recent reader remarked in a five-star review, “Insightful and emotional. I couldn’t put it down!”

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