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"9 LIVES", the Virtual ONE-WOMAN-SHOW

"9 LIVES" has aired TWICE now and is already making a HUGE IMPACT! Critics are raving about how my one-woman-show has blessed them and helped them to have a different outlook on some of the traumas we go through in life. Based on my book, "I Am: A Poetic Ensemble", where I share some of the devastating situations I have faced since childhood, this production goes in-depth with 9 different characters... and guess what... I play ALL OF THEM!

What's even crazier is that I wrote, produced, filmed, edited, starred in, & even marketed the entire production in JUST 30 DAYS!!! You've just got to tune in to see it for yourself!

Don't just take my word for it... Watch this video to see what everyone is saying about "9 LIVES"...

I hope you can attend the next LIVE showing & can't wait to hear what you think!

ADVERTISING SPACE & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITES are also available. Email for more information or call (678)709-8505.

Meet the Cast

Red is one tough cookie. She was kidnapped, trafficked, and lured into a life of crime that naturally caused her to develop a tough skin. She went from a dreaming young girl to a cold-hearted veteran of her own personal war.

Jessie has reached a point in her life where the best way to describe her is simply... numb. She is tortured by her suicidal thoughts and seemingly meaningless existence.

Brandy lives her life behind closed doors. She has moved up the ranks in the adult entertainment world and runs an undercover illegal adult massage business. Her only concern is the survival of her family and she hides behind the character she must be in order to do what she must do.

June uncovers her hidden traumas while unlocking memories her mind had sealed in order to protect her. She has much more to forgive and to heal from than she realized.

Peggy is the fun-loving country gal that just makes your heart smile. She wants so badly to see the good in everyone, even when experiencing domestic abuse. She learns the hard way what love should NOT look like.

Erika has experienced divorce more times than she'd like and it's left her heart shattered.

Ashley looks like she's got it all together. She puts on her make-up daily along with the smile on her face so you'd never know she was homeless living in her car with her children.

Nariah is the perfect example of not being able to judge a book by its cover. She's tired of the assumptions surrounding her race and the constant judgment and mistreatment because of the color of her skin.

Each character carries a part of my very own story and it took all 9 of us to tell it all.

These are not easy topics to address but they are all necessary. So many people in the world continue to experience the side effects of trauma each day because they have not taken the steps necessary to heal. For many, watching "9 LIVES" is that first step and I do not take this assignment lightly.

There will be a Q&A segment following the show so that I can answer any questions you may have and connect you with resources to receive further assistance on your healing journey!

Any organizations interested in partnership with this cause can contact me at or call 678-709-8505.


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