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Berea College Book Signing Recap!

I want to thank everyone who came out to support me in Berea, KY at my Berea College book signing stop on my World Tour! Here are a few of the event highlights! Shout out to Signs and More in Richmond, KY! They hooked me up with an event banner in literally just a few hours! Then Office Max in Richmond turned out hundreds of flyers & posters for me and several of my family & friends helped me distribute them quickly throughout the city! It was not just my final book signing on this part of my tour, but it was also a chance to say Goodbye as I make my way off to Hollywood! The love & support was very much appreciated & I will carry it with me throughout the remainder of my journey! XOXOX


"Rock the Runway" Kids & Teens Fashion Party Book Signing!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Linda Steele Dabney of VIRTUE INC. for having me grace the runway at her fashion show in Atlanta, GA immediately following my book signing in Berea, KY. We arrived just in time and the support from everyone in attendance was astounding! I'm so grateful for each of you! Special thanks, also, to Derrick Fowler, AKA The Cake Man, for helping me make the connection. I realized truly how divine it was as I listened to the mission statement from her husband and understood their goal to impact the future generations by helping the youth. It's heartbreaking how many kids and teens deal with suicide and depression on a daily basis. I pray that my book landed in all the right hands and that those who read it realize that they have the power to overcome every obstacle in life & accomplish all they set out to do! Make sure you all follow and support this movement!


What's next?

As I mentioned before, I am bringing the book tour to a temporary halt as I switch gears to focus on film and television again. I will be relocating to Hollywood, CA as my career is really beginning to transition to the next level, so that means more major projects from me coming your way! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do it all… at least not all at one time. So, I’m hanging my author hat back on the rack for a moment to focus my attention on acting. I also plan on bringing my stage productions back to Georgia in the Fall, but with the rapid pace things are moving in right now, I don’t want to plan out too far ahead just yet. All I can say is that, when you decide to be obedient to what God is calling you to do, no matter how difficult it is or how scary, He will begin to open doors for you instantly that you never could have on your own or doing it your way! Often times it’s just a matter of taking that leap of faith & saying, “Lord, I trust you & your Will for my life”!

Make sure you’re following me across every social media platform as I will go LIVE throughout this journey & keep you all up to speed.

Of course, you can still purchase my book through if you don’t already have a copy! You can also leave me a review there, even if you got your copy directly from me! The reviews really help other people understand my book’s purpose & mission… to save lives and help those who are struggling and/or healing through difficult situations!

Thank you ALL for your continued LOVE & SUPPORT!




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