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"9 Lives" on Tour & more!

I'll be honest, after our last successful run of "9 Lives", I was ready to put it away for awhile and focus on what's next. After hearing so many amazing testimonies of how this show changed people's lives and having so many request to bring it back, I had to do just that! So now, not only are we bringing the show to Atlanta once again, we're also lining up other locations across the country. You can request to bring the tour to your city as well! Simply send your request to and let's make it happen!

If you're near Atlanta, GA or Charleston, SC... check out one of these two opportunities to catch the show! I'll also be performing in Tina B's "Shell of a Man" & at the 4th Annual Kingdom Love Letter Retreat, so check those out as well! Text me at (770) 626-5075 to be kept in the loop as more shows are locked in. You don't want to miss a thing!

Make sure you GET THOSE TICKETS before the show sells out!

Also, there are just a few more vendor tables & sponsorship opportunities available so please call (678)709-8505 to secure one of these spots ASAP!

... and last but not least... tell a friend! My shows are impacting lives, but I certainly couldn't do it without you helping me spread the word! I hope to see you soon!


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