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"9 Lives" LIVE in Atlanta, GA Recap!

Wow! You guys really showed up and God showed out at the "9 Lives" Premiere in Atlanta, GA this weekend! People flew and drove in from everywhere from New York, North & South Carolina, Chicago... ALL OVER THE COUNTRY JUST TO SEE MY SHOW!!! That is a very humbling realization and I am just in awe as I reflect on this past weekend's event! So many lives were touched and I'm still trying to catch up on all the messages in my various inboxes and texts with testimonials, photos, and video footage as they roll in! I'm overwhelmed in a great way! Of course, folks are already asking for an Encore... and that's very possible... but in order for that to happen, we do need sponsors and support from the community. I may be a "one-woman show" in "9 Lives", but I certainly can't do it all on my own! That being said, if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or have a recommendation, or request we bring the show to your city, please reach out to or call 678-709-8505 to discuss the best options for you! Also, if you would like to make a donation or purchase a copy of my book, you can do so at the link or via Cash App $Vitelle, or Venmo @therealvitelle. (Signed copies are $20 & includes S&H. Remember to include a mailing address in the memo.) Again, I thank all of those who purchased tickets, volunteered, and/or supported in any way! Thanks to all of the media and vendors! Special thanks to the "Wives in Training" group! Thanks to those who truly wanted to be there but weren't able to be! Thank you to EVERYONE who believes in this project! This is more than just a show! THIS IS MINISTRY!

I'm so grateful for such an amazing team!

Alex Dixon, Taisha Givens, Dee Fox & Natacha "Cha Cha" Martin... I couldn't have done it without them! God will always send people to help you if you just begin to take the 1st steps toward what you know He is calling you to do! Where there is HIS WILL, there is always a way!

Check out some photos and video from the show... and make sure you follow me on your social media for more!


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